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In media and communications, who you know can be as important as what you know. At AMF Media Group, former San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal Publisher Vintage Foster leads an experienced team of Bay Area professionals well versed in everything from media relations to public relations, brand management to crisis management, web design to video production.   And it’s all backed with the business consulting expertise of Armanino.

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising is many times the most prominent part of a company’s market voice and identity. The integration of advertising as part of a comprehensive marketing plan can spell the difference between marginal improvement and outstanding success. Too often, companies believe if they place an ad, business will come. But a comprehensive marketing and advertising program will align sales processes, customer service experience and the positioning of products and/or services in the marketplace with a target audience for optimal reach and penetration. At AMF, we understand all facets of the marketing communications discipline and provide clients with expertly tuned solutions for their communications needs, from increasing awareness and sales of existing products to launching an entirely new enterprise.

Public Relations

While once thought of as the realm of celebrities and entertainers, today effective public relations is an essential element of a quality brand and identity management program. Effective PR is not reactive, it’s proactive. A quality public relations program doesn’t wait for the press to come for the story. It delivers relevant content to the right media at the right time. It owns the initiative. The difference between responding to issues and message control, or relative obscurity and opinion leadership is effective, professional public relations management. For nearly two decades, the leadership of AMF has been an integral part of the media scene both in the Bay Area and nationally. This expertise allows AMF clients a degree of insight and service that few can rival.

Media Relations

In today’s competitive environment, “no comment” is not a media relations strategy. No matter how strong the plans, when the product or the message leaves your control, you are at risk. Having a team that understands “the inside” and the culture of a newsroom is pivotal to solid media relations. AMF brings its clients a level of newsroom, print, television and radio experience that clearly sets us apart.

Crisis Management

Most business leaders understand that it is not a question of “if” but rather “when” their business will be tested. No business is without risk. Small things, even common blunders, can escalate to a media nightmare and the time for a crisis management process is before the need arises. Whether your company is a vertical service provider or manufacturer, if you’re in business, a crisis management process is no less important than insuring against potential financial loss. AMF is uniquely qualified to access logical risks, develop tailored plans, train key staff and provide expert advice and assistance when that critical event occurs.

Strategic Brand Development

In the 21st century, the adage that “the business is the brand” has never been truer. AMF helps businesses improve their return on marketing investment by maximizing brand impact across traditional and emerging media. By integrating strong brand management expertise into media and communications programs, AMF provides clients with a level of support in the management of their brand equity that is usually seen only in larger organizations.

A thorough, insightful brand strategy review can be one of the most powerful and effective marketing and management activities a business can undertake, which can also lead to better management of marketing activities/expense and business results.

Expert Content

More than ever, your brand is judged and even defined by your presence on the web. All too often that content is antiquated and stale, which has a direct reflection on your brand personality. The difference between “brochure-ware” and a high quality, value-added client experience is the valuable information that is engineered into your site and the ease with which your customers can access it. With more than two decades of experience in content gathering, editing and presentation, the media experts at AMF can design, develop and maintain a web presence for your business that is informative, value-rich and that strengthens your brand value proposition. As more customers see market leadership defined by businesses associated with useful expertise, your business can lead not just with information, but tailored, valuable information that can put you in the lead.

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