Systems Planning

We have worked with some of the Bay Area's leading private and publicly-traded companies to aid in their strategic IT initiatives emphasizing Strategic Information Systems Planning and IT Project Management.

Strategic information systems planning is difficult and frequently warrants the inclusion of outside experts. As you plan, you are constantly juggling the needs to safeguard the value of past efforts, facilitate the proliferating demands of today and anticipate future obstacles and opportunities. The implicit but overarching challenge of truly strategic and comprehensive information systems planning boils down to balancing a long-term vision and short-term immediate needs on a pivot point of limited resources. How nimble is your current Strategic Information Systems Plan? Armanino is here to bolster your team with perspective borne of encountering these IT challenges in many diverse industries.

Planning for information systems, as with any other planning process, begins with the identification of needs. In order to be effective, development of an IT system should be a response to your organization's unique need — whether at the transaction-processing level or at the more complex information and support systems levels.

IT Project Management often benefits from the introduction of external resources to boost your team's capacity, expertise or leadership and thereby avoids sacrificing efforts to serve ongoing business IT needs. You can rely on the agility of Armanino's consulting professionals to navigate the challenges of project management and overcome resource constraints to achieve the success you desire in an expeditious style.

Our experts can help you formulate an action plan for IT implementation, using effective and accepted management methods, which shows the desired course of events necessary to align information use and needs with the strategic direction of your company.

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Consulting Partners

At Armanino, our partners know their fields but they also are warm human beings committed to our clients’ success and our community’s well being. Take a minute and meet our consulting partners, the people who make Armanino the leader it is.