SOX Readiness and Compliance

There is increasing evidence that the state of a company’s internal control environment is something that the investment community is watching more closely. Studies continue to support the fact that financial restatements decline significantly for companies that have gone through the process of implementing SOX standards or improving their internal controls.

We have been helping clients from the beginning of promulgation. As a result, we have developed conceivably the most comprehensive yet cost-effective approach to ensuring that your internal controls related to financial reporting comply with all aspects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Experience has taught us that unfocused interpretation and broad application of SOX is costly, arduous and frustrating to management, shareholders and regulators. Too many companies unilaterally document and test all controls though this is not usually necessary.

Armanino's approach is different. We don't waste your time and resources. Instead, we tackle SOX with a risk-based approach utilizing a judgmental, not mandated, set of key controls, both sufficient and consistent with the original intent of SOX.

Further, we employ a unique multidisciplinary approach to help you address all of the crucial factors intrinsic to the success of your internal control infrastructure, including process, technology and personnel elements. Our team has the dexterity to help you streamline compliance without diminishing control integrity.

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Consulting Partners

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