Compensation Analysis

It’s important to know how your salary and compensation package stands in the marketplace. There are a number of glossy guides promising to help. But you want to know whether you’re competitive for that exact job in this exact market. Armanino Executive Search can help. We offer up-to-date, specific, and customized compensation information for individual positions based on the employee’s title, job description, industry, company size, regional area, and other factors. The information is regularly updated to reflect market conditions, economic changes and industry factors. As the largest California-based CPA firm, who’s better positioned to give you the facts you need?

Armanino uses multiple internal and external resources to provide you with specific compensation information that will help you assess the current compensation of your finance team, define appropriate compensation levels for existing staff, promotions, or changes in responsibility, and determine competitive compensation packages to offer potential new employees.

To attract and retain the best people, rely on Armanino to provide you with the information necessary to offer the best compensation program and give your company a competitive advantage.

To obtain a customized compensation analysis, contact Julia Holian, Director, Armanino Executive Search at (925) 790-2678 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Consulting Partners

At Armanino, our partners know their fields but they also are warm human beings committed to our clients’ success and our community’s well being. Take a minute and meet our consulting partners, the people who make Armanino the leader it is.