CFO Advisory Services

Our CFO Advisory Services team is a multi-disciplinary team that includes former Big 4 partners and former CEOs, COOs and CFOs of major corporations who work closely with you throughout the engagement or transaction cycle. We help public, private, and not-for-profit companies implement capital preservation and cost containment strategies, reduce or renegotiate debt, manage operational and financial change, and reorganize operations to increase efficiency and drop more money to the bottom line. We are experts at providing business valuation support (including 409A), exit strategy, business succession planning and transaction strategies. We also provide a wide array of business advisory services including enterprise risk management assessments, industry benchmarking and operational improvement, financial planning and cost containment and integration support.

Recent accounting rule changes have made business valuation issues critical for many companies.

The Valuation Services team performs business valuations for start-up to mature companies including equity valuations for both private and public companies. With over 1,500 business valuations completed, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver timely, high-quality service at competitive rates.

As businesses expand and evolve, receiving support and assistance with business transactions is key to maintaining value and building wealth. Our Transaction Advisory Services team can help meet your strategic goals and objectives involving acquisitions, dispositions, corporate restructurings, management buy-outs and other types of business transactions. We help reduce complexity, mitigate risk and increase value.

Engage Armanino as your outsource provider of finance and IT professionals and we can bolster both your achievement of strategic goals and attainment of fiscal success.

Armanino helps clients identify and capture opportunities for improvement of business processes by using insightful analysis, making recommendations and implementing metrics and other tools for monitoring progress.


Fast-growing companies like yours often struggle with administration and accounting for equity compensation. It’s a non-value-add process, crossing departments, and often tracked on multiple, error-prone spreadsheets.

The journey to an IPO can be long and filled with costly diversions for companies in growth mode. Armanino’s team of expert consultants and CPAs begin with the end in mind: the final destination that you want to achieve, based on your strategic plan.

Armanino is a key resource to rely on for outsourced technical accounting and financial reporting solutions. Highly specialized knowledge and skills are required at peak times during the monthly or quarterly close cycles for public companies and it’s often too expensive to have those resources in-house year round. Analyzing the exact job duties and understanding the monthly time needed to achieve the deliverables is the first step in making a valuable move towards financial outsourcing.

Forrester Research describes business intelligence as “a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making."