CFO Evolution

Making the most of a CFO’s time

Today’s Chief Financial Officers must wear many hats, and the most important one — strategic business leader — is the one they have the least time for. Our CFO Evolution is a set of initiatives designed to change that. By enhancing the efforts of your people, your processes, and your technology, this program can help focus your CFO’s time and energy where they add the most value.

The CFO Evolution strives to educate CFO organizations with valuable information distributed through newsletters, an education series, benchmark surveys and other resources provided to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to accomplish your own CFO Evolution.

Key Directives for Better Business Leadership
Armanino conducts a CFO Benchmark survey annually to uncover insights on what is happening in the CFO organization. This year, based on the survey and the results, Armanino was able to uncover key directives the CFO organization can use to elevate their role as a leader in their business or nonprofit.

Below outlines the key directives uncovered. We encourage you to download the entire report to dive deeper into understanding how these key directives impact your organization and how to achieve these goals in your own organization.

7 Key Directives

  • Align Your Priorities with Company Priorities
  • Perfect Your Most Critical Processes
  • Drive Growth Without Adding Head Count
  • Play to Strengths, Outsource Weaknesses
  • Move to an On-Demand Culture
  • Deploy Your Most Desired Technology
  • Eliminate Barriers to Expansion

6 Key Directives (Nonprofit Exclusive)

  • Align Your Priorities with Company Priorities
  • Measure What Matters
  • Solve Your Most Critical Issues
  • Unburden Your People
  • Meet Donor Information Demand
  • Look Past the Present

We keep the survey open all year round for organizations who wish to participate in the survey so they can receive a customized benchmark report that directly compares their results to those of their peers. If you would like to participate in the study, just follow the appropriate link below:

CFO Benchmark Survey