Armanino has the advantage of being a regional player in the Bay Area for the past 50 years. We’re closely knit to businesses and understand trends, what they face, all with a regional perspective. We benchmark companies and are able to share the results. What sets us apart from the Big 4 firms is that we can concentrate on issues that affect companies in our region not wide-sweeping national business topics. We strive to give you a point of view, direction, and advice on how to handle issues, accounting pronouncements and best practices. We are proactive in terms of giving a personalized, customized viewpoint to any of these topics by contacting one of our partners.

Making the most of a CFO’s time

Today’s Chief Financial Officers must wear many hats, and the most important one — strategic business leader — is the one they have the least time for. Our CFO Evolution is a set of initiatives designed to change that. By enhancing the efforts of your people, your processes, and your technology, this program can help focus your CFO’s time and energy where they add the most value.


Armanino is pleased to offer webinars and live seminars to keep you informed and educated on business practices, processes, changes in rules and the latest trends and issues that affect your organization. Attending webinars and seminars are an effective method to gain knowledge on important issues from industry subject experts.


Issues & Insights

Offering our expertise, guidance and thought leadership on issues and topics that affect organizations. This section delivers articles to help simplify the complexities businesses face in an ever expanding and changing environment.


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The firm's experts are available to journalists covering a wide range of topics.