David Sordello: Tax Partner


Q and A

Q. What is it about accounting and consulting that first drew your interest?

Originally, I wanted to become a veterinarian, but I disliked lab work. Instead, I took up business and found that I much enjoyed the required math and memorization aspects of it.

Q. Make a prediction. Describe your vision of the business future.

An ever-increasing restraint on accounting resources. With more firms going off-shore for professional talent, there will be fewer trained people available to do the work in the US. Accounting practices will also continue to grow more complex, further compounding the need for, and the shortage of, talented resources.

Q. What's the toughest business decision that you've ever made?

Deciding not to take on a substantial client. While the financial opportunities would have been very beneficial to the company, the client didn't really fit our business model and would have overburdened the staff.

Q. What accounting law or regulation would you like to see changed?

Accounting for stock options, it's too complicated.

Q. Tell us about one of your favorite clients and why you enjoy working with them.

One of them is a client with whom we've developed a relationship over an extended period, because they were also working in parallel with other service providers. Over time we increased their confidence in our abilities and, today, they turn to us for all their business decisions. At the same time, we've built a personal and family relationship with the client.

Q. Describe your work style.

Hands-on, involved. I like to work with people and have fun working.

Q. Who is/was the most influential person in your life?

My father. He was a farmer and worked very hard to succeed. Family always came first. He was very driven. He grew apricots, prunes and walnuts right here in San Jose.

Q. What nugget of wisdom would you offer aspiring accountants?

Excel in client service. And know that, while the client isn't always right, you're still on their side. Sometimes that's not so easy to accomplish.

Beyond the Boardroom

Deserted island wish list:

My wife, a barbeque, suntan lotion, my Treo and our dog Bobo.

Favorite vacation:

Touring Italy

Quotable quote:

"Change or die."

What are your hobbies?

House and garden projects, running, music and hanging out with friends

All-time top CDs:

  • Def Leopard – Pyromania
  • AC/DC – Back in Black
  • Eagles - The Long Run

Favorite film(s):

  • Star Wars
  • Rocky
  • Caddy Shack