Chris Moore: Consulting Partner


Q & A

Q. What is it about consulting that first drew your interest?

I decided consulting was a fit for me back in college at UCSD. I had a friend who was working for an international consulting firm and the job sounded just up my alley. I was attracted to the travel, the variety of clients, the diversity of work and learning about different industries. It was a perfect fit for me. I have been consulting my entire career and I thrive with the challenges of each new project.

Q. What unique qualities do you bring to your clients?

My leadership qualities. I like guiding my clients on the path of success, helping them avoid key pitfalls and providing insight to make their business more successful. I think my clients appreciate that I am not afraid to tell them the answer even in difficult circumstances. My clients seem to respect that.

Q. Without naming names, tell us about your favorite client?

My favorite client is also my most challenging one. They are a global organization all over Asia and the United States. In order to be successful, I needed to understand how different cultures approached business and what success looked like for them. I had an opportunity to travel to places like Singapore and Japan and learn about other cultures. It was my first exposure to Asia and it helped me understand people better. I am thankful for that.

Q. Who was the most influential person in your career?

The most influential person in my career is one of my partners, Bruce Kirschenbaum. He forces me to think through issues and circumstances in a different way. He taught me not to settle for comfortable. He also allowed me to be entrepreneurial and take risks.

Q. What’s your proudest moment?

My proudest moment was winning a college election. There were twelve people running for two positions and most of the candidates were older, experienced and had already held the positions before. I won that election through sheer determination and hard work. This was an invaluable learning experience for me. It gave me the confidence and understanding of how to help people through difficult times.

Q. What can others at Armanino learn from you?

From me, others can learn to be critical thinkers. Solving problems with purposeful reflective judgment is critical in our business. Also hard work will always outweigh talent.

Beyond the Boardroom

Deserted island wish list:

I would bring my wife and kids because they are a whole lot of fun to be with, a 12-pack of Corona to enjoy in the sun, and a good book and a chair. And of course, a canoe and paddle so I could get the heck off that island.

Favorite vacation:

I have two favorites. First, spending four months in Europe after I graduated college. It was an experience of a lifetime, full of independence and adventure. Second, my honeymoon to Australia/New Zealand was also out of this world.

Quotable quote:

“It is what it is.”

What are your hobbies?

Running 5Ks with my daughter and seeing her progress. I also enjoy playing golf and tennis.

One word that best describes you: