Consulting Partners



  • Tom Mescall
  • Lindy Antonelli
  • Matt Armanino
  • Theresa Brown
  • Dave Burlington
  • David Davis
  • John Dunican
  • John Horner
  • Tim Hourigan
  • Bruce Kirschenbaum
  • Chris Moore
  • Jeff Stegner
  • Jeremy Sucharski
  • Tom Mescall: Partner-In-Charge, Consulting Partner

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    Q and A

    Q. Describe your most memorable Armanino moment.

    My first management offsite meeting; it was awesome just getting to know the quality of the people who work here, very impressive.

    Q. Make a prediction. Describe your vision of the business future.

    The business world is going to become more complicated. Companies will need to constantly review, adjust, and remain focused on their core business. Information Technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of a company's competitive advantage. The companies that will succeed going forward will be those that focus on their core business but continue to embrace the latest technological advancements.