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Armanino is different from other accounting firms. Not only do we provide the best service at competitive rates, but we also add value to your school by providing a snapshot benchmarking analysis versus a customized group of select private schools that allows you to see how your school stacks up against the best run private schools in California.  This analysis, coupled with our decades of private school experience, provides some very unique and helpful financial metric analytics that will enlighten your school in areas it may not have otherwise considered or evaluated.

We are of the belief that there is no substitute for real and reliable data backed by real life experience and examples presented by experts dedicated to your industry. Let Armanino, THE private school experts, be your competitive advantage.

Video Testimonials

Our clients are our biggest testament to the quality, timeliness and best-of-industry services we provide. Take a few minutes to check out our video testimonials and hear from other leaders in the private education industry about their experience with Armanino.

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    Video testimonial featuring CFOs from De La Salle High School and San Francisco University High Schooldescribing their experiences working with us.
    Video testimonial featuring Marlborough School and Pinewood School, both "first year" clients in 2010.

The Right Fit for Your School


Armanino is an established leader in the field of private education. From its inception in 1953, we have been providing best-of-industry services to clients in not only the not-for-profit industry, but more importantly, the private school sector. Our nonprofit practice is the second largest niche area in our firm servicing over 450 nonprofit organizations, which include over 100 private schools.


Working with over 100 private schools provides us with real-life experiences from which we are able to draw upon in providing business advisory and private school best practice recommendations. Our clients benefit from the numerous real-life experiences from which our private school partners and engagement teams can pull from when providing thoughtful and constructive recommendations to help improve your school operations.


We understand that continuity is essential in cultivating client loyalty and providing best of industry service. That is why we provide every engagement from partner all the way through staff with our firm's most experienced and proficient private school financial experts. Many of our long-term clients have enjoyed the same core team for 10-15 years or more! We are prepared to make that same level of commitment to you.


We have always been praised about our unique way of delivering information and have a strong belief that our unique style of communication clearly sets us apart from our peers. We do not just deliver your financial results in a typical "this is what happened" approach, but we draw from our extensive experiences to benchmark your school against your peers and/or the best-of-the-best. The benchmarking comparisons provide a unique insight into the worlds of other schools and can be invaluable in helping management and the board make tough decisions about how best to operate your school now and into the future.

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Cardinal Newman High School

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Below is a list of our partners and vendors we work with who help to ensure our private school practice is the best in class.

The National Business Officers Association (NBOA) is the definitive professional resource and leading advocate for independent school business officers.


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