The number of clients we have in this category means that our staff has the kind of hands-on experience that leads to a deeper understanding of issues, operations and processes unique to nonprofits. As a result, we believe that, even when compared to our most qualified competitors, we are best suited in our marketplace to serve nonprofits.

Audit and Review

We perform operational reviews of organizations, focusing on internal controls and proper accounting procedures and present findings, trends and issues to your boards taking into account your unique industry perspective.


Armanino has tax experts specifically assigned to nonprofits. We understand that Form 990 is more than just a tax return. It’s a looking glass not only into the financial aspect of your organization, but also outlines your mission and achievements you’ve made throughout the year. The 990 has transformed from a “fill in the blanks” form to a powerful marketing tool, one that is researched and viewed by potential donors, investors, media and anyone who is looking for initial information about your organization. Armanino's tax experts can help you gain the most valuable from your 990.


We can provide you with bookkeepers to take care of all of your accounting or we can do project work as needed. We can perform a simple review or we can help you set up a Chart of Accounts. We can even help you interface between accounting and development.

Software Solutions

Armanino provides implementation, support and training for Intacct, the AICPA's preferred cloud financials provider. In addition, we also support QuickBooks. We serve many nonprofit organizations and private schools on the software and will assist you in getting the most out of the system for your organization. Our staff has the kind of hands-on experience that leads to a deeper understanding of the issues, operations and processes that are unique to nonprofits.



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