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The firm's experts are available to journalists covering a wide range of topics.

Armanino is committed to helping media representatives get the information and insight needed to keep pace in a competitive news environment. While maintaining strict client confidentiality, the firm is a valuable news source and information resource for business reporters and editors in all media covering financial services, accounting, auditing, technology and IT security, SEC issues, stock options valuation, individual and corporate taxation and much more.

The firm's experts are available to journalists covering these and other industry sectors. We are flexible and will work with you either on a background basis or as a quoted news source. Our insight can be helpful in terms of amplification, verification of facts or opinions, support for assertions made in stories or a contrarian viewpoint. We can help you frame stories and explain complex issues and problems - as well as ways to minimize, address or solve them - in terms that meet your needs as a reporter and which your audience can quickly grasp.

Our experts are media-trained, responsive and will honor your deadlines. We're dedicated to working closely with print, television, radio and Web reporters to help them get the background, information and analysis they need to maintain momentum on breaking news or to support the heavy lifting of lengthier features, think pieces and television or radio segments.

Here are some of the services Armanino can supply for reporters and editors:

Newsroom Background Sessions

Our experts will come to your newsroom to conduct on-the-record background sessions with reporters on a variety of topics. Whether a brownbag lunch in your newsroom or a teleconference with your reporting team, we can quickly assemble teams of experts to give more comprehensive perspectives on issues affecting your beats.

Quoted Sources

Our expert sources are available on deadline to deliver expert on-the-record comment on the air or by telephone to TV, radio or print reporters.


We can supply referrals to many expert contacts to help reporters expand their perspective on stories.

Consumer Programming - Armanino's team can man phones for live broadcast call-in segments during tax season or contribute to the unmasking of accounting scams, digital theft and security, wealth management, IRS issues and other topics.

Electronic Media - Armanino has numerous subject matter experts who can provide on-air commentary on a wide variety of business, tax and accounting topics.

Our expertise is vast and you can tap in as a journalist. See sidebar for a partial list of trends and topics that our team can speak to on a moment's notice:

To schedule an interview or for more information, contact:

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    Armanino is synonymous with strategic advantage. Our unique on-site partner involvement also allows our clients to communicate with us in real-time without any difficulties or barriers. As a result, our ability to meet your needs around the clock is unrivaled in the industry.


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Current and relevant topics affecting organizations.

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